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A New Design for a Interior Architecture Firm

GRAEF creates new work environments for clients like Gallup, BearingPoint and DKB. We accompanied the team throughout the whole design process from the first workshops over data analysis and design concepts to the finished website. The main challenges were to get across what services GRAEF offers in an easily digestible way and optimizing the SEO ranking. We tackled that issue by dividing GRAEF’s process into 3 phases and giving context. Clear wordings and precise keywords help the users to navigate the site. The goal is to make the complex process of office restructuring and refurnishing accessible to people who are no experts in that field.



Project Lead

Schirin Yazgan

UX/UI Designer

Paul Pistorius

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My main role was to develop and execute the whole UX/UI Design in tandem with another UX/UI Designer, then briefing and QAing the website in close collaboration with a developer. Additionally, I was able to put my skills in 3D Illustration to use. To visualize the three phases I developed three animations that serve as a first highlight on the website. I conceptualized the animations, made storyboards, and defined the look and feel through materials and shading.

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