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The Only Air Carrier of the Former GDR – Revived

This project follows the question, what could have been if the only airline of the former GDR had survived the reunification of Germany and carried on into 2018. What would be its main target group, its destinations and, most importantly, what would it look like?

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The visual process

I re-imagined Interflug as a modern low-cost carrier that operates only within Germany. Therefore three distinctive landscapes of Germany, the Seas in the North, the Thuringian Forest of Central Germany and the Alps in the South, serve as inspiration for the redesign’s graphic key elements. The wordmark has an accented tittle, formed into a marker flag. It’s a visual metaphor for arriving safely at your planned destination, which is the main goal of the airline.

Consistency between printed and digital assets is achieved through the use of the graphical elements. Like with the vehicle liveries, the arrangement of the elements can be changed.

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