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Bachelor thesis


Using Robots to Deliver Medication

I imagined how medication delivery could be made available to more people by reducing cost, delivery times, and the carbon footprint. The use of electrically-powered robots that deliver orders within two hours seemed to be a sensible solution. My proof of concept implements Sound UX, UI, and Product Design to introduce this lesser-known technology to a broader audience.

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Conceptual Basis

Curier’s basic idea is to allow people to order medication via the app when they are sick at home. The nearest phar­macy that has the medication in stock will prepare the order and send the robot on its way. When the robot arrives, the customer is notified and can take the order out of the robot’s compartment.

The conversation style is inspired by the way medical professionals talk to their patients. In my interactions with pharmacists in particular I noticed that the dialog was always clear, calm, and friendly. They seem experienced and well-educated while being easy to understand. I used this communication style as a guideline for the service’s overall tone of voice and the robot’s voice user interface.

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